- Control an internet of robots

Make Money

Put your robot online for people to play with. We can help you build a robot by coordinating on our discord server.

Make money by having this robot online. You can have people pay to drive the robot, buy superchats, and spend money in other ways. Account monetisation can be enabled for you to make money from users on the site.

If you're lazy then just buy a robot from here: It is fully compatible with this website.

Internet of Robots

Hype up your robot. Tell more people about your robot and about this website.

Make it cool. People want to do cool things.

We're living in the future, take advantage of that.

Media attention

Are you a tech journalist? Write about this website.

Are you a video content creator? Make a video about some of the projects in this community.

Are you a livestreamer? Connect your audience with some of our internet-controllable robots, and have them monetized so that you get a revenue share from what they generate.

Do you know journalists? Reach out to them and get them to write about us.

Reach out to us to get referral codes. That way you can get a commission for any money made on our platforms where users use your code.